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Micro-Resistivity Imaging

The RG micro resistivity imaging probe provides a high-resolution spacially oriented image of features on the borehole walls.

The tool includes 4 pads each containing twelve button electrodes mounted on 2 pairs of powered arms.

microresisitvityThe current emitted by each electrode is focussed into a narrow beam and returns to a remote part of the tool body. The current from each electrode is measured and digitised in each pad and transmitted to the surface by a separate telemetry module using a proprietary high-speed communications system.

The tool may be run on standard 4-core or 7-core cables and is compatible with the standard RG oilfield surface system running Warrior software.


  • 48 button electrodes (12 on each pad)
  • Data sampling interval 60ms with real-time transmission of all data
  • Exchangeable pads for hole sizes between 110mm and 220mm
  • 40% wall coverage in 146mm borehole


  • Micro-resistivity
  • Borehole drift and inclination
  • Borehole diameter (XY caliper)
  • Natural gamma


  • Identification of faults and folding location / characterisation of fractures
  • Determination of structural dips
  • Analysis of sedimentary structures and cross-bedding
  • Core orientation


Meter 91mm (3.6”)
Length: 3.36m (132”)
Splits into two sections
Weight: 56.5kg (124lb)
Max. diameter (open): 257mm (10.1”)
Max. temperature: 125⁰C
Max. pressure: 86MPa
Measurement accuracy: Caliper +/- 5mm Inclination
+/- 0.1deg Azimuth +/- 5deg
Button current precision: 16-bit
Resolution (radial & vertical):
Logging speed:

Operating Conditions

  • Water-based mud
  • Centralisation required

Sales Information

I016848 micro-resistivity imaging probe

Download Micro-Resistivity Imaging sheet


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