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The telemetry module is the uppermost tool in the stack. Its main function is to collect and combine digital data from all the other tools and to transmit this in a digital form via the logging wireline to the surface acquisition system. It also provides control functions and tool power to the other logging
tools. The tool includes natural-gamma, CCL, mud-resistivity and borehole-tilt measurements.

Principle of data communications:

All tools in the stack communicate with the telemetry module over common internal RS485 data buses. The telemetry module organises this data and transmits it to the surface digitally using a high-speed proprietary RG protocol. Data is acquired on a depth basis with a sample interval that can be selected to optimise measurement resolution and/or logging speed.


  • Bi-directional digital transmission.
  • Compatible with industry-standard 5/16” or larger diameter cable


  • Natural Gamma
  • Casing-collar locator (CCL)
  • Mud resistivity
  • Borehole inclination


Natural gamma

  • Lithology indication
  • Shale measurement
  • Bed- boundary/bed thickness measurement
  • Correlation between logs and wells

Mud resistivity

  • Correction of resistivity/conductivity logs

Casing collar locator

  • Location of casing shoe
  • Depth correlation between logs

Borehole tilt

  • QA of borehole construction
  • Bed thickness correction


Diameter: 63mm (2.5”)
Length: 2.93m (115”)
Weight: 35kg (77lb)
Max. temperature: 125°C
Max. pressure: 86MPa (12,500psi)

Operating Conditions

Borehole type: 4” to 12” open hole

Sales Information

I015464 Telemetry
– Includes gamma, CCL mud-resistivity, tilt
I015464 Natural gamma check blanket
I004127 Make-up plate
I004128 Assembly wrench

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