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Ultrasonic Noise

The noise module detects points of entry of high-pressure gas into an open borehole by listening for an ultrasonic signature.

Principle of Measurement:

Sound energy caused by gas entering the borehole is focused by a conical acoustic mirror within the probe onto a microphone. The microphone is tuned to measure the acoustic energy in a frequency band centred at 40kHz, characteristic of entry of high- pressure gas through a narrow orifice.


  • Dual detectors in a differential configuration to reduce background noise
  • High-sensitivity microphones with acoustic focusing
  • Fully digital telemetry combines with density, neutron and other logging probes
  • Easy field access for replacement of microphones


  • Mean acoustic energy within a fixed passband centred at 40kHz


  • Gas detection


Diameter: 63mm (2.5”)
Length: 1.89m (75”)
Weight: 27kg (60lb)
Max. temperature: 125°C
Max. pressure: Nominal 1MPa. Gas-filled hole only

Operating Conditions

  • Dry open hole only

Sales Information

I003952 Ultrasonic noise probe

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