Hydrological and Groundwater

Wireline logging of water-wells can help to swiftly answer many questions that could otherwise be difficult or expensive. Data recovery is instant and interpretation happens on a timescale of hours or days rather than weeks.


RG slim-line tools can be used to investigate the lithology, porosity and permeability of rocks surrounding a water-well and to investigate the borehole fluid, its flow and characteristics.

For deeper water-wells, the RG oil/gas tool suite offers 125⁰C, 12,500psi
capability and the possibility to combine many measurements on a single trip.

New Waterwells

Borehole location and inclination may be checked using verticality logs and correct well construction verified with a TV survey.  Caliper logs provide accurate diameters and borehole volume to aid  grout-volume estimations.  Sonic logs (Cement Bond Logs) help to check grout integrity behind the casing.

Well Maintenance

As a well ages, it is important to check regularly for obstructions, leaks, casing corrosion and grout deterioration. All of these can hinder productivity if ignored. RG supplies a range of cameras and televiewers to give quality images in real time from within a well. and sonic tools that can give cement bond logs proving the quality of the grouting behind the casing

Applicable Tools

Aquifer location and characteristics

Electric log/ natural gamma

Focused electric

Neutron log


Borehole location, size and volume

Verticality Probe

Gyroscopic Verticality Probe

3-arm caliper

Borehole Geometry Probe


Borehole construction/ grout integrity

Borehole TV

Acoustic Televiewer

High-resolution Optical Televiewer

Sonic (cement-bond log)


Fluid Characteristics

Water Quality Probe

Impeller Flowmeter

Heat-pulse Flowmeter

Water and Gas Sampler

Temperature Conductivity

Hydrological and Groundwater