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About Oil Gas Logging

RG slim-hole oilfield digital logging equipment is specifically designed for conventional oil/gas, shale gas and CBM operations. With a maximum diameter of 2.5″ (62mm), the probes offer a light-weight cost-effective option in small diameter holes or in wells with restricted access. The RG digital surface system runs the industry standard log acquisition software, Warrior™, marketed by Scientific Data Systems Inc. The system is compatible with RG or third-party winches and wirelines. RG can supply custom-built logging vehicles and skid units for use in all climatic conditions.

Borehole Probes







RG oilfield probes are certified for working temperatures up to 125degC and pressures up to 12,500psi. The  range includes nuclear, resistivity and acoustic options, fully combinable to form the classic ‘quad-combo’. Probe designs are supported by Monte-Carlo and FE modelling to give borehole and environmental corrections bench-marked to industry-standard formations such as the Callisto Test Facility in Leicestershire, UK. Available accessories include down-hole tension measurement, centralisers/ decentralisers, offset joints, radioactive sources and base and field calibrators.



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