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Surface Unit and Software

شرحه The RG oilfield surface system is PC-based, running the industry-standard Warrior™ log-acquisition software. The system is configurable and consists of separate 19” rackmounted modules.

إشارة ويكيبيديا At the heart of the system, the RG tool interface provides digital bidirectional communications to the tool stack using a high-speed proprietary QAM protocol. The interface is directly compatible with all RG oilfield probes without the need for individual specialised tool modules. RG Interface 3U module includes high-speed tool communications, depth and tension

مؤشر تداول الذهب Power Module 1U panel supplies 0 – 300VDC probe power

موقعنا System Computer 2U panel-mounted ruggedised Win7/ Win10 PC

سةق دبي لاسهم مباشرة Break-out Panel Optional 1U panel for convenient access to logging lines, depth-encoder outputs and the tension device Thermal Plotter 2U printer for real-time hardcopy logs Warrior™ is a trademark of Scientific Data Systems Inc.

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