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Vehicles and Winches

jobba hemifrån skåne RG can arrange manufacture of complete logging vehicles based on chassis supplied by ourselves or by a client.

افضل بورصة الذهب We can also supply skid-mounted logging cabins and draw-works for local mounting on a client’s vehicle.

مؤشر السوق الاسهم We can recommend specifications and layouts for on or off-road use in climates from desert to extreme cold. We customise all designs to client’s individual requirements. Typical installations include a thermally insulated aluminium operator’s cab with a separate draw-works compartment. Internal fittings include benching and lockable storage, operator’s control panel, a/c, heating and main and emergency lighting. External equipment includes compartments for probe and equipment storage, rear and side flood lighting, air-conditioning and a diesel generator set.

الخيارات الثنائية هي الحيل Draw-works are available in single or dual drum configurations with a typical capacity of 4500m (14,760′) of 5/16″ hepta-cable. They feature a 2-speed hydraulic motor with electric shift and closed-loop hydraulic systems driven from the vehicle PTO or a stand-alone diesel set. Winches include band brakes, and a cable-spooling system with control from the operator’s console.

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Logging Vehicle

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Logging Units

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