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سعر شراء الذهب في السعودية


يمكنك محاولة هذا The ultra-slim and triple gamma probes measure the activities of naturally occurring or man-made isotopes.

Principle of Measurement:

سعر الذهب فى السعودية The probes are based on scintillation gamma detectors. The detectors measure the natural-gamma radiation released from potassium and the decay products of uranium and thorium in the borehole.

اسعار الذهب في السعودية اليوم Features

  • Small diameter for slim-hole operations
  • Multiple detectors with different sensitivities


  • Natural gamma


  • Mineral detection
  • Strata correlation between wells


فهم الفوركس Triple Gamma Probe

Diameter: 38mm
Length: 1.70m
Weight: 6kg
Natural-gamma detectors: 25mm x 25mm NaI(Tl)
50mm x 25mm
100mm x 25mm
Temperature: 0-70⁰C(extended ranges available)
Max. pressure: 20MPa

مؤشر تداول الذهب Ultra Slim Gamma Probe

Diameter: 20mm
Length: 0.46m
Weight: 4kg
Natural-gamma detectors: 125mm x 17.5mm Cs(Tl)
Temperature: 0-70⁰C(extended ranges available)
Max. pressure: 10MPa

Operating Conditions

Sales Information

I002009 Triple gamma probe
I002007 Ultra-slim gamma probe

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