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This probe combination provides a continuous, depth-based measurement of fluid temperature and conductivity. Both parameters can be output in absolute and in differential forms. A natural-gamma detector is included for correlation purposes.

Principle of Measurement:

The temperature and conductivity sensors are located in an insulated housing at the base of the probe. During logging, borehole fluid flows freely through ports on the side and base of this housing and over the sensors. The log is recorded downwards while running into the hole to minimise fluid disturbance.


  • Stable, high-quality, semiconductor temperature sensor
  • Graphite conductivity electrodes resist corrosion and are easily cleaned


  • Fluid temperature/differential temperature
  • Fluid conductivity/differential conductivity
  • Natural gamma



  • Fluid salinity
  • Location of zones of different water quality
  • Water-well monitoring
  • Identification of zones of in-flow/out-flow
  • Temperature gradient
  • Water-level determination
  • Location of grout behind casing
  • Temperature compensation of other logs


Diameter: 38mm
Weight: 7.7kg
Temperature: 0-70⁰C (extended ranges available)
Max. pressure: 20MPa
Temp. range: 0-70⁰C (extended ranges available)
Conductivity range: 50 to 50,000 μS / cm

Operating Conditions

  • Borehole type: open/cased holes, water-filled

Sales Information

I002055 Temperature/Conductivity probe with gamma

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