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About Slimhole Logging Services

RG can supply all your slimhole logging requirements from a cable-head to a complete logging truck. Our standard equipment range is probably the largest and most technically advanced in the industry. Since, we develop and manufacture all major equipment ourselves, we are also well equipped to undertake custom design projects.

As a contract service operator ourselves, we understand the importance of product reliability. Our on-site facilities include a test-chamber capable of testing every new probe under realistic well conditions of temperature and pressure (up to 150degC and 15,000psi), a test-well and calibration facilities linked to international standards. We supply every new probe with a test certificate certifying that it meets its published specifications according to our in-house ISO9001 quality regime.


Our range of probes is the widest available from any slim-hole manufacturer. All RG probes are digital, using high-speed proprietary telemetry to transmit data over the logging wireline. Probes combine up to 12 measurements, minimising logging time and reducing tool length and the need for a deep sump at the bottom of the hole. Freedom from multiple field joints greatly increases tool reliability.

RG tools are factory calibrated and supplied with environmental corrections according to type. Unlike several other suppliers, RG is a  radioactive source permit holder and undertakes nuclear tool calibration using the client’s own sources.



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