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Due to ever increasing concerns over environmental pollution and tightening regulation, groundwater monitoring is becoming an increasingly common activity. RG produce a range of tools that can help in many aspects of this: from televiewers that can look for bio-fouling, conductivity measurements that can show increased ion concentrations from contaminants to the humble water sampler for collecting samples for laboratory analysis.


With most contaminant transport involving the movement of water, tracking flows, locating fractures or making estimations of rock permeability is often the start point in assessing potential contamination. The RG heat-pulse flowmeter probe is particularly effective at quantifying the slow fluid velocities likely in such situations.


Different tools are available depending upon the level of information required and the nature of the contaminant. Elog and Temperature/Conductivity probes detect influx of salts; the water-quality probe measures pH, redox, oxygen and nitrate concentrations while for the most detailed analysis the water sampler probe can return a sample for full laboratory testing.

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