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The huge array of information that can be drawn from a drilled borehole can be enormously helpful for planned expansion of mining either into new areas or expansions of existing sites. Wireline logging can identify the quality and quantity of potential economic resources, their accessibility and potential problems with their extraction.


Wireline logging can be used to identify, locate and correlate strata within an area using various physical characteristics either in isolation or in conjunction with core sample analysis. Wireline logging provides cost-effective, in-situ results on a continuous high-resolution vertical scale with true vertical depth.

Logging in mining

RG supplies a wide range of logging tools, beneficial to almost every aspect of mining explorations. An iron ore body could be identified by a density log and split into layers of magnetite and haematite using a magnetic susceptibility log. An evaporite could be indicated by its conductivity, identified by spectral gamma, density and neutron logs and have its extent and inclusions mapped by televiewers. Elsewhere, a low-strength strata with high permeability could be identified as at risk of collapse long before it poses a danger to mine workings and staff.

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