Acoustic Televiewer

The HRAT (High Resolution Acoustic Televiewer) provides a continuous high-resolution oriented ultrasound image of the borehole wall. The probe uses a fixed acoustic transducer and a rotating acoustic mirror to scan the borehole walls with a focussed ultrasound beam. The amplitude and travel time of the reflect

Features such as fractures reduce the reflected amplitude and appear as dark sinusoidal traces on the log. The travel-time log is equivalent to a high-precision 360-arm caliper and shows diameter changes within open fractures and ‘break-outs’. Directional information is also recorded and used to orient the images in real time.

Ø probe specification


Fracture identification and orientation Stratigraphic studies Local stress studies (break-out) Core orientation Cased-hole studies


Diameter: 42mm
Length: 1.62m
(2.06m with natural-gamma option)
Transducer type: 1.5MHz piezo-composite
 Rotation rate:  5 – 20rev/s
 Sample rate:  up to 360/rev

Sales Information

I002184 HRAT probe (4-core version)
I002192 HRAT including natural-gamma
I000460 RG-DIP VER6 – HRAT/Hi-OPTV/Dipmeter
Processing/Interpretation Software
I015464 Gamma test blanket
I001691 Centraliser 42mm non-magnetic
Range 70-110mm (2 req.)
I001692 Centraliser 42mm non-magnetic
Range 90-180mm (2 req.)
I001693 Centraliser 42mm non-magnetic
Range 180-260mm (2 req.)
I001694 Centraliser 42mm non-magnetic
Range 260-342mm (2 req.)
I001695 Centraliser 42mm non-magnetic
Range 342-472mm (2 req.)


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