Based on modern dsp technology, the Micrologger2 is probably the most powerful portable logging system on the market. Lightweight and smaller in size than the average notebook, the Micrologger2 supports all RG probes including the latest acoustic and imaging types.

Ø probe specification


Supports RG and many third-party probes
USB high-speed link to PC Compatible with most winches/cables
Remote control of SMART winch
Real-time data display and printing
Supports WindowsTM printers
Data output in LAS and RG formats
Modular construction for easy field maintenance

Sales Information

I000184 RG USB Micrologger 2
I000204 110/220VAC power supply for ML2 and winch
(up to 500m)
I000197 Canvas bag for Micrologger2
I013689 RG Micrologger2
(video capability installed)
I000192 Micrologger 12V PSU
(Black Box)
I000211 Notebook PC using Windows 7 software
I000213 Semi-Ruggedised notebook PC using Windows 7 software
I014942 Fast Thermal Printer for continuous plots (Desk Top)
I014946 Fast Thermal Printer for continuous plots (Rack Mounted)


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