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Surface Unit and Software

Winlogger Software

RG Winlogger is the operating software for the Micrologger2 surface system.  The product of years of development, RG Winlogger provides data acquisition, processing and reporting for the standard RG probe range. RG Winlogger is simple to operate, retaining a standard Windows™ look using familiar tool bars and drop-down menus for all frequently needed functions. The package incorporates powerful features including a built-in compiler to allow the more advanced user to construct custom ‘User Functions’ to process multichannel data in real time during logging. RG Winlogger is supplied with a multi-user licence allowing free distribution of the software to any user of RG log data. This policy has proved popular with wireline service companies who may provide Winlogger to clients to allow them to replay or reprocess data in-house without resorting to 3rd-party packages.

Download Winlogger Software Datasheet


  • Support for all RG digital slim-hole probes
  • Remote control of ‘SMART’ winch range 8, 16 and 32-bit data support
  • Screen/printer log display in calibrated engineering units
  • Selectable depth sample interval (1, 2, 5, 10cms etc)
  • Metric and imperial logs in API format
  • Custom logos and headers Data export in ASCII (LAS) format
  • Compatible with Window 10 and earlier OS.

Winlogger Software Data Sheet - Full Waveform Sonic Graph



Based on modern dsp technology, the Micrologger2 is probably the most powerful portable logging system on the market. Lightweight and smaller in size than the average notebook, the Micrologger2 supports all RG probes including the latest acoustic and imaging types.

Download Micrologger Datasheet


  • Logging
  • Supports RG and many third-party probes
  • USB high-speed link to PC Compatible with most winches/cables
  • Remote control of SMART winch
  • Real-time data display and printing
  • Supports WindowsTM printers
  • Data output in LAS and RG formats
  • Modular construction for easy field maintenance

Winlogger Software


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